Contributors to NOHVCC's Mission

Many organizations help NOHVCC and contribute to our success.  We appreciate all they do for us and want you to know that these organizations are helping us, and indirectly you, Create a Positive Future for OHV Recreation.


In the beginning

NOHVCC would not be here as we are today without the vision of American Honda.  They were the people who created the concept of NOHVCC and worked with enthusiasts to build this organization.  They also funded NOHVCC through the first 15 years of our existence.  They continue to be involved with our organization today.


Thank you American Honda! 


The Industry

Today, most of the funding for NOHVCC and our projects comes from the powersports industry.  Specifically, this is through the Motorcycle Industry Council, the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of Amercia (SVIA).  Not only do they contribute financially, but they also help give us guidance through their Government Relations Offices.


We would not be able to do our work without all of your help and support.  Thank You!


Conference Sponsors

Our annual conference is not just a bunch of workshops or a chance to network.  It is that and a lot more.  To get an idea of what happens at our conferences, check out our Conference Page.  Also, check out the people who are sponsoring the conference and making it happen. See our Sponsors Page for this year's conference sponsors.



Program Contributors

In addition, there are organizations who assist us with programs.  These organizations contribute both time and money.  They make each individual program a reality.


Estate Donations

We would also like to honor and thank those who passed away and in lieu of flowers, asked for donations to be made to our organization.  This is the ultimate gift not only to our organization, but to Off-Highway Vehicle Recreators now and in the future.  Thank You!