NOHVCC State Partners and Associate State Partners

Network Development Team


Purpose of the Position:

Our partners are a key ingredient to the success of our organization.  Our partners act as a proactive liaison between  the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) and the Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) community in their state.  They assist OHV enthusiasts in organizing local clubs and/or state associations; attend annual NOHVCC conference; report to NOHVCC regularly concerning events, legislation, trails, and other OHV-related matters.

There will be 1 State Partner and as many Associate State Partners as each separate state wishes.



The benefits of being a NOHVCC Partner are:

  • Up to date information regarding what is happening nation-wide .
  • Quick access and knowledge of all NOHVCC tools.
  • Opportunity to learn and improve skills.
  • Enlargement of personal sphere of influence.
  • Establishment of new contacts and information sources.
  • Satisfaction of making a difference.
  • Support and resources of NOHVCC national network. 



As a NOHVCC State Partner or an Associate State Partner, your responsibilities will include: 

  • Work with the other Partners in your state to enhance your local riding areas.
  • Represent the interests of all OHV recreationists in the state to the NOHVCC.
  • Initiate contact with individual users, dealers, clubs, state OHV enthusiast organizations, dealer organizations, etc. to inform them of the NOHVCC and offer assistance in building and protecting the sport.
  • Provide advice and assistance to facilitate the growth of OHV clubs and state OHV organizations.
  • Disseminate NOHVCC information and educational material to state OHV organizations, clubs and agencies.
  • Foster communication among the OHV recreation community.
  • Promote safe and responsible OHV recreation.
  • Attend annual NOHVCC conference. (Grants to cover travel & expenses are provided to State Partners.)
  • Promote a positive image of OHV recreation.
  • Act as a focal point for information by maintaining district, state, regional and national contacts.
  • Establish and maintain working contact with other OHV enthusiast and trails recreationist groups, both motorized and non-motorized.
  • Be aware of positive and negative legislation affecting OHV use and share information with NOHVCC.
  • Provide feedback to the NOHVCC on such things as: needs of state OHV recreationists; effectiveness of NOHVCC information and educational material; problems and patterns of problems caused by anti-OHV groups; the status and progress of formation of clubs, statewide OHV organizations, state OHV programs, etc; recommendations for NOHVCC actions. 



Our Partners have a vision for advancing OHV recreation. They are leaders who can organize and delegate. They can work cooperatively with all types of people; and have good communication and negotiation skills.  Since most of our communication is done by e-mail or other on-line communication tools, access to computer and proficiency with e-mail is necessary.


Our partners are familiar with the OHV community within their state and want to or have been working in their state to further our mission of 'Creating a Positive Future for OHV Recreation'.


To apply for an NOHVCC State Partner or Associate State Partner position, contact the NOHVCC at:
427 Central Ave West,
Great Falls, MT 59404
Ph: 800.348.6487
Fx: 406.454.9142


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