Presentations from the 2017 NOHVCC and INOHVAA Annual Conference

Use the links below to download PDF versions of PowerPoint files used in presentations at the 2017 NOHVCC Annual Conference. These files are offered for informational purposes and are not intended for public use by anyone other than the original presenter. Please contact NOHVCC at if you would like more information.

Thank You

NOHVCC would like to thank everyone who gave a presentation at the 2017 Annual Conference.  It was a big success thanks to your efforts!

2017 Conference Presentations:
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Brad-Marc NE 2017PDF944.99 KB31 Oct, 2017 Download
Public Law 114 - 245PDF231.37 KB31 Oct, 2017 Download
RTO NOHVCC Conference Presentation 2017PDF2.59 MB31 Oct, 2017 Download
Working with Land Managers and Providing Effective InputPDF283.02 KB31 Oct, 2017 Download
AT-Town-HallPDF7.52 MB31 Oct, 2017 Download
ORIR Pres NOHVCCPDF1.76 MB31 Oct, 2017 Download
1.What is NOHVCCPDF1.61 MB01 Nov, 2017 Download
Nohvcc awards 2017 (1)PDF1.60 MB01 Nov, 2017 Download
HatfieldMcCoy Trails Presentation NOHVCC MODPDF2.38 MB02 Nov, 2017 Download
Champion Creek Bridge Project PAPDF3.00 MB02 Nov, 2017 Download
10 years of GrantsPDF2.35 MB02 Nov, 2017 Download
2017 NOHVCC Conference - TMTC Trails and Signage Project finalPDF3.00 MB02 Nov, 2017 Download
Market Presentation- NYPUMPDF905.03 KB03 Nov, 2017 Download
Youth Corps Pressntation- 2017 PDF3.68 MB03 Nov, 2017 Download
Connecting Communities Trails 2017 08 25 NOHVCCPDF3.42 MB09 Nov, 2017 Download
RWT OHV Presentation 082117PDF1.95 MB09 Nov, 2017 Download

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