Messages For Your Schools

Below are the messages that NOHVCC created to be used as banners in your schools.  We created 3 categories:
Adventure Trail,
Training, and
Responsible Riding.  

You might not be able to tell, but we put a lot of thought into these banners.  There is a mixture of vehicle types and scenarios.  We tried to use eye-catching imagery that conveyed the message.  The language of the banners is abrupt is some areas, relaxed in others, and through-provoking in still other places; but there is a call to action in all of the language either outright or implied.

In addition to a pilot project, we also asked kids who walked by a booth we had displaying the images if they liked them or not.  The overwhelming response was, "Yeah, they're cool".  We thought that was high praise, indeed!

The Adventure Trail banners:

These banners are collections of the posters from our Adventure Trail series.  We grouped the posters together in a very loose 'theme' for the banners for the schools.  And for those of us who have problems deciding, there is the collage banner will all 12 posters.

Elementary school kids will love these banners!

  • Adventure Trail Poster Set - Collage
  • Adventure Trail Poster Set - Rider
  • Adventure Trail Poster Sets - Trail
  • Adventure Trail Poster Set - Outdoors

The Training banners:

All of the banners in this group focus on the call to action of training.  There are 2 styles.  One is the nice family posters that shows training and OHV riding as a family-oriented activity.  The other 2 banners, are a little more in your face, almost taunting.  These rougher style posters are intended to try to get the message across that knowing how to make a machine go and knowing how to ride are two completely different things.  And if you want to be cool, you have to know how to ride. 

The rougher style posters are for middle school or high school students. 

The family style poster could be used in an elementary school.  Check with the age limits of riding and training in your state to make sure they match the ages of elementary school kids before using the training poster in the elementary schools.

  • Ready To Ride - Get Trained First
  • Know How to Ride or Know How to Make It Go?
  • Smart Enough to Ride? Smart Enough To Get Trained

The Responsible Riding banners:

These banners are a collection of several different types of messages that all roll together under the theme of responsible riding.  They cover everything from riding sober to staying on the trail, to wearing your gear while riding.  We wanted these banners to leave an impression and keep the kids thinking about them after they saw the poster.  So, some of the wording isn't current vocabulary, and some if it is more slangy.  The imagery is vibrant.

These banners are best used in middle and high schools. 

  • two boys in full gear stopped by the trail
  • several shots of riding with message
  • photo of ambulance and ROV split down the middle at an angle and joined together
  • ROV crossing a bridge
  • Protect Your Riding Area - Stay On the Trail
  • Noise isn't cool to those that make the rules
  • Plan Your Ride - Ride Your Plan
  • child sitting on an adult sized ATV
  • Motorcyclist riding through a rock canyon opening
  • man on dirtbike looking at mountain scenic view