The Economic Impacts of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV)

This page lists some economic impact studies.  If you have one or know of one that is not shown, please send it to us to be included at


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OnePageEconomicImpactPDF1.11 MB28 Dec, 2016 Download
COHV_EconomicImpactsATVROV_FactSheetPDF446.74 KB28 Dec, 2016 Download
COHV_2015TotalEconomicImpactsATVandROV-FinalReportPDF2.91 MB28 Dec, 2016 Download
IdahoOHVEconomicImpactStudy_2015PDF358.55 KB23 Apr, 2015 Download
ID_OHVEconomicImpactTechReport_2015PDF1.34 MB23 Apr, 2015 Download
WV-hatfield_mccoy_study4-03PDF4.08 MB07 Dec, 2011 Download
UT_PaiuteTrailEconomicsDOC37.50 KB07 Dec, 2011 Download
TX Economic Impact StudyPDF921.69 KB07 Dec, 2011 Download
RidewrespectposterPDF367.14 KB07 Dec, 2011 Download
Ohio OHV Economic Impact StudyPDF1.90 MB07 Dec, 2011 Download
MN_ATVEconomicsSummaryPDF116.03 KB07 Dec, 2011 Download
MN_ATVEconomicImpactPDF457.53 KB07 Dec, 2011 Download
IA_OHV_EconomicImpactDOC1.96 MB07 Dec, 2011 Download
Economic Contributions of ATV Related Activities in MainePDF8.00 MB07 Dec, 2011 Download
CO OHV Economic Impact_FRPDF2.08 MB07 Dec, 2011 Download
CO OHV Economic Impact_ESPDF1.98 MB07 Dec, 2011 Download
CO OHV Economic Impact_CLPDF20.49 KB07 Dec, 2011 Download
Alberta Economic Impact SummaryDOC31.50 KB07 Dec, 2011 Download